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Who me

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Hello and welcome!

My name is Kobe Ben Itamar, AKA Caparico. Please note that, Ben isn’t my middle name – it’s actually part of my last name:

  • First name = Kobe
  • Last name = Ben Itamar

In case you find it a bit strange, think about like this: Kobe Ben-itamar (I think it’s amazing how that little dash is better explaining it).

I’m what you might call a versatile soldier; I like and can do:

  1. Front end web development using modern (and sometimes bleeding edge) technology
  2. Write interesting content and creative copy in the form of articles, emails and web pages
  3. Analyze the content’s influence on people using various data analysis tools
  4. Speak, read and write Hebrew/English/Portuguese/Spanish/A few other (dead) Semitic languages
  5. Capoeira
  6. Train my dog, Giga, to do cool tricks
  7. Annoy my other half, but then get her to immediately forgive me

To contact me you can go here, or reach out via Twitter.

Oh, and whatever happens, no matter what you do – don’t forget to giggle when you’re done! 😀