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Weekly Schlink #3

Weekly Schlink Reading Time: 3 minutes

I wasn’t able to publish any new posts in the last few weeks, since I got married 🙂

So, I guess it’s a good enough excuse.. Although I still haven’t had the time to sit down and write a complete post, I thought I’d at least update the blog with a Weekly Schlink piece, just to keep the momentum rolling.

So, here goes the 3rd ‘Weekly Schlink’, and if you’re wondering about this odd name – I explain it in the first edition.

Coders Links

  • lrn – A mobile app which is meant to help you become fluent in code using your phone through interactive mini-quizzes. Disclaimer: the Android app isn’t out yet, so I haven’t actually given it a try myself.
  • How to Create Form-Based Directives in AngularJS, by Chad Smith – They needed to find a way to allow customers to edit multiple products in a single view within the application, where each product had a unique set of validation rules. In this tutorial you build a simple product review screen, which will have two products, each with its own directive and each with unique validation rules.
  • 5 Minutes to Min-Safe Angular Code with Grunt, by Thomas Greco – Minifying AngularJS applications code turns out not to be as trivial as you may be used to. Read this to learn how to go about it.
  • Yet another “Things I wish I knew..” for the newbie developer , by Nadav Avidan – This (part 1) post is trying to be helpful to people who are new to web development, answering such questions as: “what should I learn first?!”, “what skills are more important than others?!” or “what do the pros do that makes them pros?!”. By now parts 2 and 3 are available, too.

Content Links

  • The Science of Copywriting: 21 Tips from Psychology and Linguistics, by Nick Kolenda – Writing copy is tough. Writing persuasive copy is even tougher. This is a thorough guide on the subject of copywriting, taking a psychological & linguistic angle.
  • Zero to One Million: an SEO Blueprint, by Matthew Barby – Another thorough review of the process one Californian SaaS startup called BuildFire has gone through during 12 months, at the end of which they’ve hit over 1,000,000 pageviews.
  • Human Curation Is Back, by Jean-Louis GassĂ©e – The limitations of algorithmic curation of news and culture has prompted a return to the use of actual humans to select, edit, and explain. Hey… check it out! You’re actually reading a hand-picked curation post, made entirely by a live human being.. 🙂
  • Branding Gives Your Company the Benefit of the Doubt, by Casey Winters – A short and sweet one about some of the benefits of being a branded company. Because companies will eventually screw up..
  • 20 Great Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, by Product Hunt – A collection of 20 great podcasts to listen to if you’re an entrepreneur.


  • Nicholas Winton, Rescuer of 669 Children From Holocaust, Dies at 106, By ROBERT D. McFADDEN – Nicholas Winton, a Briton who said nothing for a half-century about his role in organizing the escape of 669 mostly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia on the eve of World War II, a righteous deed like those of Oskar Schindler and Raoul Wallenberg, died on Wednesday in Maidenhead, England. He was 106, and his story is fascinating.
  • Why Can’t We Fall Asleep?, by Maria Konnikova – This is the first piece in a three-part series on sleep. A super interesting read, and a must-read if you’re actually having trouble with sleep and are looking to understand why and maybe even improve your situation.
  • A Guide to First Aid for Dog Owners, by Jason Daley – Even adventure dogs slip up sometimes, and canine first aid isn’t exactly common knowledge. Here’s how to respond to five injuries—and how to keep your furry wingman safe down the road. Definitely read this if you own a dog.