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Weekly Schlink #2

Weekly Schlink Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here’s the second ‘Weekly Schlink’.

If you’re wondering about this odd name – I explain it in the first edition.


Entrepreneur Schlinks


  • Harnessing the power of online communities, by Daniel Glickman – How do you get people to join a community that has no other members yet? It is a classic hen and egg situation: no one will want to participate in a community if there is no one else there already.



JavaScript Schlinks

  • Exploring ES6, by Axel Rauschmayer – A free to read online book (published on Leanpub), which aims to help you to upgrade to the next version of JavaScript – ECMAScript 6 (ES6).


  • React + Performance = ?, by Paul Lewis – Decided to put to the test the claims that the DOM is slow, and that ReactJS is fast by default. A currently very popular JavaScript framework VS. vanilla JavaScript code.



  • I Quit The Tech Industry, by Eevee – He got tired of working for others (Yelp). He can’t do it anymore. It’s running him into the ground. He’s not entirely sure what he’s going to do next, but it’s definitely going to be an interesting journey.


Hope you enjoy your reading.