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Weekly Schlink #1

Weekly Schlink Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here goes, my first ‘Weekly Schlink’!

I’ve decided to name it ‘Weekly Schlink’ because it’s going to be a list of links to my favorite 5 articles, out of all the articles I’ve read this week.

“Why Schlink??” you ask. Well, it just so happens that the first name that came to my mind for this weekly curation was ‘The Reader’, which also happens to be the name of one great book, written by none other than Mr. Bernhard Schlink.


So there you have it, now that I’ve settled on a name for it, here comes my 1st ‘Weekly Schlink’ ever. *drum roll…* :


Diverse Schlinks

  • The Morality of Language, by Cody C. Delistraty – A great piece, raising some interesting questions about moral and immoral decisions and points of view, while under the dome of speaking a second language, other than your own native tongue.


  • Why humans run the world, by History professor Yuval Noah Harari  – Why was it humans, of all animals and species, that ended up ruling this world so invincibly? What is different about us?


JavaScript Related Schlinks

  • Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript, by M. David Green – explaining all about functions that can take another function as an argument, or that return a function as a result. in other words: ‘Higher Order Functions’.


  • The Dawn of WebRTC, by Mr. Lantre Barr – explains about the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) – A bunch of APIs that are embedded directly in the browser and require no plugins, downloads, or installation to get up & running. They let developers easily create high definition video and audio calls.


A Blast from The Past


Hope you enjoy your reading.