Caparico / A slow walker

First Big Cruise Boat

Reading Time: 1 minutesA fine catch today at the river… Check out this very big cruise boat I captured. It is what appears to be a German cruise boat. I know that because if you zoom in you will see it’s name: Aida. Also, they’d painted their company’s website’s URL on it’s side: … It;s worth a visit, if […]

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Identity Issues

Reading Time: 1 minutesThis time my lens caught a somewhat peculiar vessel. At first I thought it was some kind of a light Portuguese navy ship, but then I zoomed in on the pic (I’ve uploaded a high resolution version of this photo, so once you’re on the image’s page hold the Ctrl key and hit + to zoom in), and […]

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Sunday Morning’s Cargo

Reading Time: 1 minutesThis morning I noticed 2 large cargo ships. One was entering Lisbon’s port (hope it brought some nice things), while the other one making  it’s way out to the ocean. Tweet

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A New Purpose in Life!

Reading Time: 1 minutesI have not been updating here as often as I thought I would be, to say the least. I therefore have been waiting for the right opportunity to arise and hit me with a reason or a motive that will make me update more frequently. Well.. I am pleased to write that the motive has arrived! […]

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2 birds

Reading Time: 1 minutesIf you can kill two birds with one stone it means you’ve been practicing, you bastard! Tweet

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