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Setting the timer

Reading Time: 1 minutesRIght, I think I’ve made up my mind to create a complete site redesign… Yep. It is going to happen. I feel bad about using a free WordPress template, so I’m gonna build my own. Hopefully, it won’t take too long from the moment of this decision until launch day. Reset your watch. Annnnd, go! […]

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(not) A Yellow Submarine

Reading Time: 1 minutesI was chatting online with a friend, while I noticed something crossing the river. It didn’t have a ship’s shape, so my interest grew larger. I focused my eyes on the object, and realized I was actually looking at a black submarine, who was crossing the river in the afternoon. I quickly went to get […]

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Reading Time: 1 minutesI was almost sure I was staring at the Titanic crossing the river in front of me. Was trying to spot Leo & Kate on the deck, while scanning the horizon ahead for any big icebergs. Did I mention I drank much wine the night before? Anyways, you be the judge:   Tweet

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Racing Sail Boats – A Close Up

Reading Time: 1 minutesTaking this blog a step further, I’ve decided to go and get a close up of things my camera’s lens is normally not able to catch very well, zoom wise. so I found myself on a boat, on my way to the other river’s bank. Luckily, I caught a sail boats race! I think the photos manage […]

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Action at the Port

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat started as a quiet and peaceful day ended up completely stirring the river’s water… I would encourage you to click through the embedded photos as you read. While their ‘thumbnails’ are enough to follow along, they won’t portray the same feeling. I could see the small cruise that had parked not far from the river’s […]

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Closer Look

Reading Time: 1 minutesSo I went to check the river up close, and managed to capture this great red ship together with some last sunset lights. Excuse the quality… This was taken using my mobile phone. Click to enlarge. Tweet

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